Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yesterday, I ordered my chicks. I had thought about buying my chicks here in town from Rural King, but really wanted to have some special heritage breeds that I didn't think they'd stock. So I ended up placing an order with My Pet Chicken, since they enable you to order just a few chicks at a time. Most of the other hatcheries require a minimum order of 25 (or more) chicks, and I just didn't want to go to the trouble of having to coordinate a large order with other people.

So here's what I ended up ordering.

First, a Buff Orpington. Aside from their English heritage and fluffy good looks, these birds are also supposed to be calm and good-natured, the "golden retrievers" of chickens.

Next up, an Australorp. As its name suggests, this breed was developed in Australia from some Black Orpingtons that were imported from England. They are heavy-duty layers and are also said to be gentle and easy-going, like their Orp cousins.

Another good layer and a staple of many backyard flocks is the Rhode Island Red. This is one of those classic American birds--they're even the state bird of Rhode Island!  How could I not have at least one of these?

Another classic American hen is the Plymouth Rock. I've loved the look of the Barred Rock ever since I saw one a few years ago, in a friend's flock.

And last but definitely not least, a Buckeye. Like me, the Buckeye originated in the great state of Ohio. In fact, they're the only breed known to have been originated by a woman, one Nettie Metcalf of Warren, Ohio. And most fascinating of all, they have a reputation for being "ferocious mousers." Who knew?

So that's the flock.  The chicks won't be delivered until April 7, so now I'll need to focus on getting my brooder ready, and my coop built.


  1. Cool! Are any of these Easter-eggers? Green eggs are definitely one of the pleasures of backyard chickens.

    1. No Easter Eggers in this crew, Kirstin--but I wouldn't rule one out for a future addition.