Thursday, September 18, 2014

Eggciting Developments

Park Avenue Poultry is now in production!

This week--finally--we have eggs. I found the first one last Thursday, when I got home from work and went out to check on the girls as I usually do. Capitola, my friendly Buckeye, hopped down from the box, which struck me as odd, since the hens don't usually go up to their box until dusk, when they're ready to roost for the night.

I looked in the nest box and sure enough, there was an egg. Since it was no longer warm, I didn't think Capitola had just laid it, nor was I sure she was actually the hen who laid it.  Nevertheless, I was pretty excited, so I had to take a photo:

On Saturday, I found a second egg that looked just like the first. I read somewhere that experienced chicken owners can often tell which hen laid which egg by the color and shape of the egg, and I remember thinking at the time that all eggs looked pretty much the same to me. But those first two eggs actually looked very similar--both were distinctively oblong with a fairly pointy end.

Then, on Monday, I saw Capitola step out of the nest box, and reached around her to retrieve a third egg, just like the other two. And it was still warm, which told me Capitola was probably the layer of all three.

Tuesday, when I went out to feed the girls after my morning run, there was another egg, and this one looked different--a little shorter and more rounded than the first three. So someone else is evidently getting in on the act!

In celebration, Rob and I had scrambled eggs for breakfast.

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